GFK4B Fireplace Blower Fan Kit for Heatilator ND4236, ND4236I, Fireplace

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  • GFK4B Fireplace Blower Kit for Heatilator ND4236, ND4236I, Fireplace Insert
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  • GFK4B Fireplace Blower for Heatilator ND4236, ND4236I, Fireplaces
  • GFK4B Fireplace Blower Insert for Heatilator ND4236, ND4236I,
  • GFK4B gas Fireplace Blower Fan for Heatilator ND4236, ND4236I,
  • GFK4B Fireplace Blower Fan Kit for Heatilator ND4236, ND4236I, Fireplaces
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Our GFK4B Fireplace Blower Fan Kit is designed for the Heatilator ND4236, ND4236I, gas fireplace insert to circulate air around the firebox and enhance heat output. This complete fireplace blower kit offers a low cost solution to push heat created by the fireplace into your living space.

A speed control module with timer circuit is included with the blower kit which automatically turns the fan ON / OFF at preset times and is equipped with a Speed Button to provide a quiet airflow at the desired speeds. The timer circuit will delay fan operation; by automatically turning ON the fan 7 minutes after the main flame has been turned ON (After the fireplace has warmed up) and turning the fan OFF 12 minutes after the main flame has been turned OFF (After the fireplace has cooled down).

GFK4B Fireplace Blower Kit Installation Manual Instructions GFK4B Blower Kit Installation Instructions

Fireplace Blower Kit Includes

  • Blower
  • Speed Control Module with Timer Circuit by Skytech
  • Jumper and Ground Wires
  • Hardware and Adhesive Velcro Strips/Dampening Pad - (Easy to install plus reduces Vibration)
  • Installation Instructions
  • 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty on Blower
  • 2 Year Warranty on Control Module

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions in Inches: W: 12.94 x H: 3.6 x D: 4.27
  • Motor is equipped with Thermal Safety Switch
  • Bearing Construction Type: Ball Bearings
  • CFM: 135
  • AMPS: 0.74
  • HZ: 60
  • Volts: 115
  • RPM: 3000 (1/1400 with load)
  • Rotation: CW
  • Blower Wheel Dimensions: Width: 9.45in (240mm) Diameter: 2.56in (65mm)
  • Anti-Vibration Impellers & Vortex Regulation Tabs to provide a steady airflow

Product Benefits

  • This fireplace blower fan produces high airflow and is manufactured with quality parts and components
  • Increase Heating Potential of your gas fireplace insert with this hgih airflow blower fan
  • Simple wiring connections makes installation Quick and Easy

If you have had any custom work done to your gas fireplace insert, compare the dimensions listed with the clearance in your appliance to insure proper fit.

GFK4B Fireplace Blower Diagram GFK4B Fireplace Blower Diagram with Dimensions

This fireplace blower fan kit was Assembled & Tested in the Midwest which includes parts Manufactured in the USA. Industry Research & Design contributed to the manufacturing of this high quality aftermarket fireplace blower kit and is designed to meet the original equipment specifications. The instruction manual provided may not include specific information about your exact fireplace model, though we try to provide technical support in assisting you.

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Warranty Information

1 Year Comprehensive Warranty
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Additional Information

ND4236, ND4236I,
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25 Reviews

  • 5
    Easy to install.

    Posted by Kris on 9th Mar 2021

    Just installed this myself. It was pretty straightforward, also I found a very helpful video on YT. Instructions included were helpful especially with the YT video. Blower worked well, It definitely helps move heat from around the fireplace but it’s nowhere near as much heat as with a regular wood burning fireplace. Definitely worth it for our family.

  • 5

    Posted by Eric Chang on 16th Feb 2021

    Quick delivery once my order was made. Installation was a breeze, all required electrical connections were included for my application. Up and running within 30 minutes. I run the fan on medium low because of the fan hum at higher speeds. My wife is very satisfied with how much warmer our family room is when the blower is on and moving warm air into the space. She has opined that, "You should have done this sooner!"

  • 5
    Great Blower Add-on

    Posted by Chuck on 4th Dec 2020

    Almost brought a cheap one from Amazon. This one is much better with all the wiring kit and no thermal switch, and the I really like the preset timer for the blower, turns "on" after 7 min of the fireplace fire up and "off" after 12min , one less remote or switch to deal with

  • 5

    Posted by Hollee Bea on 3rd Nov 2020

    Love how this works. It was simple enough to hook up and half of the price to have someone come install it.

  • 5

    Posted by Jack Cannon on 22nd May 2020

    Was having a smell in the house when I used my fireplace and found out it was due to the heat from the fireplace was warming up the mantel and making the urethane smell. Installed the fan and all is good. Installation was very easy and the house is warmer and no smell.

  • 4
    Fireplace Blower Kit GFK4B

    Posted by Ted Cam on 7th Oct 2019

    Great product for a good price! DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP VERSIONS OF THIS ON AMAZON! Watch the video that compares this to the cheap competitors and see for yourself. The directions were good, not great, but I read through all of the directions before I started the test fit dry run. Once the test fit was complete, I set up the removable plastic strips to have a small bend that allows you to grip it with two fingers while your arm is extended into the back of the fireplace. I positioned the fan in the back center as instructed. Just watch your left side where the motor is located, so that it does not touch the walls and cause vibration. I set it on Low due to the fan motor noise. This setting is the quietest and still blows air into the room. I had to plug the unit I to the AUX plug instead of the Fan plug so that the fan will operate for 12 minutes after you switch off the fireplace and Main Gas. Works as they advertise. 4 stars instead of 5 due to the fan noise and lack of color pictures in the directions! Thank you my fireplace!

  • 5
    GFK4B Fan kit

    Posted by Robert Jenkins on 21st Jan 2019

    Fairly easy install and it warms up my family room.

  • 5

    Posted by Roy Snyder on 31st Dec 2018

    Looked around and read reviews for various models. This ll”looked” to be a much better quality fan than the others. It was a little bit more expensive but well worth the few extra dollars. Easy to install and instructions were pretty good and not difficult to follow. I would highly recommend this fan.

  • 4
    Fireplace blower for Heatilator fireplace

    Posted by Carol Pharr on 24th Dec 2018

    It was a lot harder to install than other reviewers had said but the people at My Fireplace Blower provided excellent technical support and were just wonderful to work with. Once my friend finally got the blower installed, it works great.

  • 5
    GFK4B Fan Kit

    Posted by Tom Frank on 29th Nov 2018

    The fan kit was pretty easy to install. My gas connection was on the left side with the fireplace controller electronics module on the right. There would have been a little more room to maneuver the fan unit on the left, but I didn't want to disconnect the gas supply if I didn't have to. After moving the existing wiring to the sides, I was able to get the fan unit into the fireplace with a slow, methodical, turning and turning the fan unit as I slowly guided past obstructions. Once it was in place, the wiring was straight forward and simple based on the instructions that came with the unit. Perhaps I was lucky, but my Heatilator fireplace had a small pre-drilled hole in the metal bottom near each front corner where the two ground wires from the fan kit could be easily screwed into place.connect . The fan works very well, although the fan noise is a bit more than I like at it two highest settings, so I just run it in the second lowest speed, which seems to be adequate for the where I live. At least I know there is some reserve capacity if it got really cold and I want more room heating. I'm very pleased with the quality and performance of this fan kit.

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